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Juneteenth commemoration in U.S.!

Juneteenth, a day of emancipation and celebration for African Americans, holds a profound significance that resonates deeply in the hearts

china warships 1

US media discussed how China’s advanced warships, pose a massive challenge to the US Navy.

The rise of China’s naval fleet is a cause for deep concern and unease. As the US Defense Secretary attends

Remembering Tiananmen Revolution after 34 years !

The events surrounding the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 are steeped in complexity and a deep societal divide that emerged

Jailed Kremlin Critic Navalny makes Fun with Prison administrator With Demands Of Moonshine and also a Kangaroo

The released excerpts of Alexei Navalny’s correspondence with prison administrators shed light on the grim reality of his imprisonment and

President Biden fall on stage ?

At the start ceremony for the Air Force Academy, President Joe Biden gave out the final diploma after standing for

Mr. Jinping planning to restrict the AI products

Chinese president XI Jinping and govt. officials called up for greater state oversight of AI to secure country against ‘