Mr. Jinping planning to restrict the AI products

Chinese president XI Jinping and govt. officials called up for greater state oversight of AI to secure country against ‘ dangerous stroms ‘as per the state media .

Mr.Jinping  and communist party officials, at a meeting of the ‘National security commission’ were unanimous on to ‘’ improve security governance of network data and artificial intelligence.

Mr. Jinping said that “ complexity nad seriousness of security problems faced by our country has drastically increased ‘’

Chinese govt. recently speed up a campaign to eliminate perceived security threats to nation, also restricting access to data , also making raids on foreign consulting firms and making counter espionage laws more strong

They have also taken major steps to tighten state control over artificial intelligence, with the draft law uncovered last month ,which requires all artificial intelligiance products should undergo a security assessment before being released

The draft law states that all AI products should reflect ‘’ core socialist values ‘’ and should not contain ‘’ content on subversion of state power ‘’

 China has announced aspiring plans, to be a global leaderin AI by 2030.

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