Padma Lakshmi is quitting ‘Top Chef’ after 19 seasons and 17 years on the cookery show !

Padma Lakshmi, an indomitable presence on the beloved culinary competition show ‘Top Chef,’ has made a heartfelt announcement that reverberates with a mix of sentiment and nostalgia. After an astounding tenure spanning 19 seasons and an impressive 17 years, the 52-year-old luminary has decided to bid adieu. In a statement shared on her Instagram Stories, she divulged the arduousness of her decision, acknowledging that the time has come to embark on a new chapter.

“After much soul searching, I have made the difficult decision to leave ‘Top Chef,'” expressed Padma with a tinge of wistfulness. Her message, released on a poignant Friday (02.06.23), encapsulated the depth of her emotions. Reflecting on the journey, she voiced profound pride in her role as both host and executive producer, having successfully contributed to the show’s monumental 20th season. The tremendous impact ‘Top Chef’ has had on the realms of television and gastronomy fills her heart with immeasurable gratification.

Yet, it is not without a heavy heart that Padma Lakshmi embraces the prospect of departure. To her, the cast and crew of the show are not just colleagues but an inseparable part of her extended family. Their camaraderie and shared experiences will be sorely missed, as conveyed by her heartfelt words: “I will miss working alongside them dearly.”

However, as one door closes, another opens. Padma feels an unyielding need to create space for her magnificent Hulu production, ‘Taste the Nation.’ This captivating series chronicles her captivating sojourns across diverse American cities, delving into the intricacies of their distinctive cuisines and cultures. It is a testament to her unwavering passion and her relentless pursuit of culinary enlightenment.

The luminous Padma Lakshmi further revealed that her departure from ‘Top Chef’ allows her to explore an array of captivating creative pursuits that lie ahead. With an air of anticipation, she alluded to intriguing endeavors that await her in the not-too-distant future. Her loyal fans and admirers can rest assured that this is merely a new beginning, brimming with promise and untapped potential.

In conclusion, Padma extends her heartfelt gratitude to her devoted fans for their unwavering love and support throughout the years. The outpouring of affection she has received has fortified her spirit and fuelled her unwavering commitment. As she signs off her poignant missive, her appreciation reverberates through the digital realm: “Sincerely, Padma.”

While the void left by Padma Lakshmi’s departure from ‘Top Chef’ is undeniable, her legacy remains indelible. NBCUniversal, acknowledging her immeasurable contributions, released a statement honoring her as the consummate host, judge, and executive producer. They pay tribute to the extraordinary mark she has left on the show, while warmly extending an open invitation for her to reclaim her rightful place at the esteemed judges’ table, whenever she so desires.

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