How was Manifest Series Finale?

Manifest’s final episodes take viewers on a wild and confusing journey as the passengers of Flight 828 face the impending apocalypse. With their Death Date looming, the passengers find themselves locked up in a detention center, abandoned by the government. The situation becomes even more dire when Ben inadvertently removes the callings, which were their lifeline in balancing the scales of judgment. As volcanoes erupt worldwide, Cal’s calling leads them to a familiar location where he disappears into the Glow, setting the stage for the ultimate showdown.

The summary of the final episode reveals some mind-boggling moments that elicit a range of emotions. From the gasping wake-up call in their tents, foreshadowing their impending deaths, to the discovery of a tarot card engraving and the connection to their childhood memories, the plot takes unexpected twists and turns. Emotional farewells between Ben and Olive tug at the heartstrings, while the reappearance of Noah’s Ark introduces a significant element in the narrative.

The most jaw-dropping moment comes when the Montego Airways Flight 828 airplane mysteriously rises from the ground, and all the passengers board it, embracing their final judgment. The forgiveness Ben extends to Angelina, who had caused immense harm to his family, adds a surprising layer to the story. Jared’s unexpected expertise in assisting Drea during labor showcases the show’s ability to push the boundaries of believability.

As the judgment unfolds, people start imploding into ash, a gruesome fate that befalls some of the characters. The intense scene, coupled with the absence of a passionate kiss between Ben and Saanvi, despite their emotional connection, adds to the bewildering nature of the finale. The passengers’ ultimate victory against the black smoke of judgment through their unified screams is both strange and oddly satisfying.

The astonishing twist occurs when the passengers find themselves back in 2013, with no one remembering the events of Flight 828. The world has reset, and the passengers have been granted a second chance. While some reunions and relationships are restored, others are altered or erased altogether. The resolution leaves many questions unanswered but emphasizes the importance of appreciating the gift of life.

The final moments depict Michaela seeking out Zeke in his cab, ready to share her extraordinary story with him. It’s a fitting conclusion for the series, reuniting the two characters whose connection transcends time and circumstance.

Manifest’s conclusion is a rollercoaster of emotions, delivering shocking twists and revelations that challenge viewers’ understanding of the show’s reality. While it may leave some questions unanswered, the finale offers closure and a sense of hope as the characters navigate their second chance at life.

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