Buddleia davidii, the weed that can harm people’s homes ?

The presence of an invasive weed in the UK has sparked concern among homeowners and experts alike. Known as Buddleia davidii or butterfly bush, this plant, once beloved by garden enthusiasts for attracting wildlife, is now causing significant issues, particularly if ignored.

Jonathan Barton, director of PBA Solutions, has even warned that Buddleia can be more troublesome than the infamous Japanese knotweed, a plant notorious for its ability to damage buildings and reduce property values. The reason behind this claim is Buddleia’s remarkable capacity to spread through seeds that can germinate in challenging and inhospitable conditions. As a result, it is commonly seen growing out of buildings and other structures, making it a persistent problem.

Once established on walls or roofs, Buddleia sends down fibrous roots, causing substantial damage as it grows. This destructive nature poses a significant threat to buildings and can potentially devalue properties over time. Its ability to grow in seemingly impossible locations makes it a formidable adversary.

Comparatively, Japanese knotweed, introduced to the UK in 1850, is already known for its aggressive and invasive characteristics. Its rapid growth and extensive root system frequently damage property foundations, leading to a decline in house prices in affected areas. The severity of the problem caused by Japanese knotweed has even prompted legal requirements for sellers to disclose its presence on their property.

The risks associated with these invasive plants cannot be ignored. Homeowners face the daunting task of dealing with the consequences, both financially and structurally. Awareness and proactive measures are essential to mitigate the impact of these plants on homes and the environment.

news and image source : https://www.mirror.co.uk/

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