newly released body-camera footage from the Seattle Police Department unveils a disturbing incident involving Colorado Avalanche forward Valeri Nichushkin

The newly released body-camera footage from the Seattle Police Department unveils a disturbing incident involving Colorado Avalanche forward Valeri Nichushkin. The footage, spanning over 40 minutes, reveals a troubling encounter that took place at the Four Seasons Hotel in downtown Seattle before a playoff game against the Kraken.

As the video unfolds, we witness the response of officers Joshua Knight and Ryan Beecroft to a behavioral crisis call on April 22. The footage captures Avalanche team physician Dr. Bradley Changstrom recounting the events to Officer Knight in the hotel’s main lobby. According to Changstrom, Nichushkin had been discovered alone in his room with a heavily intoxicated woman by team personnel over 90 minutes prior to the 911 call for medical assistance.

In the video, Changstrom explains how the team had attempted to separate the woman from Nichushkin, expressing concern for her well-being due to her obvious state of intoxication. However, they were unsuccessful in their efforts as Nichushkin left the room in the company of the team’s security chief. Changstrom reveals that he had been with the woman for a significant period, either inside the room or standing outside the door, for an hour and a half to two hours before she was brought to the hotel lobby to await medical responders.

Curiously, Changstrom acknowledges that he cannot account for the events that transpired in the preceding 12 hours or how long the woman had been inside the room with Nichushkin. Notably, Nichushkin had not attended the team’s morning skate, which took place around four hours prior to the distress call.

The video raises questions about why Changstrom waited so long to contact the authorities and why the woman, who was not a hotel guest, was removed from the room by team personnel if she was believed to be in a state of medical distress. The officers, however, do not inquire about these matters in the footage.

The situation takes an even more alarming turn when an ambulance technician and Changstrom recount how the woman, on a gurney, attempted to jump off during the transfer from the hotel lobby to the awaiting ambulance. This incident prompted the involvement of the police.

Changstrom further reveals that he and Avalanche security team member Todd Fuller, who is an active lieutenant in the Denver Police Department, struggled to assist the woman inside the hotel room. Their attempts to dress her were met with resistance, and at one point, she even struck Changstrom on the arm. The woman expressed her distress, claiming she couldn’t find her credit card, further highlighting her disoriented state.

The emotional weight of this distressing incident weighs heavily on those who witness the video. It serves as a reminder of the vulnerabilities and complexities that can arise behind closed doors, even in the world of professional sports. The wellbeing of all individuals involved is of utmost importance, and it is crucial that proper support and care be provided to those in need.

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